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Some years ago now I started (a different) blog with lofty blog writing ambitions. I was having a ‘change of life’, if you will, and I’d decided I wanted to rekindle interest in all the things I had been interested in once upon a time but had let go of. Parts of that plan worked, the others didn’t. My interests were indeed rekindled and have remained so, and I did write a whole bunch of stuff, some of which is still sorta popular-ish, but in the end the blog failed as things around me evolved and changed.

Like most things in life, there’s ebb and flow and as other ‘things’ got in the way, the writing stopped. Oh sure, I had, and still have, plenty of thoughts and ideas about things to write but there are truly only so many hours in the day and I have been… preoccupied. Add to that that I am writing for other projects as well, and time becomes finite very quickly. Thus the blog became dormant. Worse yet, specific articles I’d written for it I cannibalised for my ‘professional’ site‘, and in turn it became a shell. A sad place that no longer held the ideas or ambitions I once had for it.

Then a week ago I read an old article I’d bookmarked way back, about the simple act of writing. Reading it again fired off thoughts, thoughts that I’d not only slacked off on my project work but also that I should just write words, regardless of the subject matter. I have always found putting thoughts into words therapeutic and have been doing it in various guises on and off since about 2002; I probably either have too many thoughts or too much to say… not sure which is worse?

Therefore a few days back I made a decision to start writing again, maybe even try to do it every day — because it’s simply good for me. So in a burst of activity, I created this space to write about all the things that pop into my head on a regular basis; stuff that I ponder and stuff that interests me. I like that, it’s sort of liberating; in some ways writing is a purge for my deeper musings.

Diary of a Space Person is my phoenix.

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